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Investment Process

Identifying Opportunities

  • Sagamore’s proactive investment sourcing activities encompass working closely with our network of operating executives, deal intermediaries, and established referral relationships. We recognize the value of, and appropriately compensate, those individuals and firms that introduce us to attractive investment opportunities.

Industry Expertise

  • Our principals have worked extensively in the markets we focus on. In addition, we have a broad set of relationships with executives that can quickly assist us in evaluating investment opportunities.



  • Our evaluation process is collaborative. We view management as our partners – there are no hidden agendas, surprises or egos that get in the way of success.



  • Our industry expertise and transactional knowledge enable us to quickly and thoughtfully respond to all investment opportunities. Our initial review process is structured to provide reasoned feedback on a timely basis.


Thorough & Disciplined

  • Our experience reinforces our belief that a disciplined investment perspective and a thorough due diligence process provide the best foundation for success. We invest considerable resources upfront to ensure that business opportunities and challenges are identified, calibrated and addressed. We work with management to create well defined strategic and operating plans to pursue those business opportunities and develop measurable objectives to appropriately monitor progress. We tailor incentive compensation plans to incorporate the success of these efforts.

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