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Investment Approach

Shared Values

  • We look to partner with management teams that: (i) share our perspective that honesty, integrity and fairness are prerequisites to success; (ii) share our entrepreneurial, operationally driven approach; (iii) value open and straightforward communications; and (iv) are energized by the opportunities for significant growth in which they will hold a meaningful equity stake.

Partnership with Management

  • We actively work with management to develop specific strategic and operational objectives, identify growth opportunities and operational improvements, provide resources to implement management’s plans and provide guidance to assure their success.

Value Creation

  • Sagamore Capital’s investment strategy is based on the operational expertise and industry knowledge of our principals and our network of long-standing industry relationships. These capabilities enable us to assist our portfolio companies identify emerging trends, access growth opportunities, source add-on acquisitions, implement best practices and facilitate operating improvements resulting in substantial growth in revenues and cash flow. Our approach to financing our investments incorporates a conservative level of debt financing to provide financial flexibility to our companies to enable growth and manage risk appropriately.


  • The principals of Sagamore have extensive expertise in addressing complex situations and developing creative solutions for all parties involved in our transactions.

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